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50% commission

Just put a link on your site and we'll pay you 50% commissions on all sales.
Independent tracking of sales by a trusted third party (who are also responsible for issuing checks).

home for sale by owner You get credit for every sale - if a customer bookmarks our site and returns later to pay, you get credit for the sale if the customer buys any time within the next 90 days.
affiliate program Checks issued every 2 weeks
50% commission Checks issued within 15 days of the end of each pay period
affiliate program Low minimum before a check is issued (earn just $5 to get a check - but you can change that to a higher amount if you want).
home for sale by owner Checks over $1000 are sent by global express mail at no cost to you!
affiliate program

Automatic e-mail notification whenever you make a sale.

50% commission Ready-to-go personalized articles, website graphics and ezine ads for you to help you make lots of easy sales.

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