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Paul Ford,
Ex Real Estate Agent, Author,
'Home Selling Secrets Revealed.'

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Noel Peebles,
Market Leaders

"If you've been looking for a way to sell your home faster… for more money… without being trapped or taken advantage of… then your search is over! In just 2½ minutes you can be downloading my 'Home Selling Secrets Revealed' package. It's simple… anyone can do it. You can be on your way to gettingthe best house selling price quickly and easily…
even in a tight market!"

What Others
Are Saying

We sold our condo without a realtor. That saved us big dollars and we couldn't have done it without your pack. Thank you for everything."
Tom Clifford, Arlington Heights,
Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Home Selling Secrets Revealed is the most simple step-by-step guide to buying and selling a home that I've ever seen! This guide makes it very easy to cut through every detail and covers EVERYTHING you need to know. It's like having your own expert real estate consultant at your fingertips."
Sopan Greene, M.A.
Marketing Consultant & Life Coach
Boulder, CO, USA

"Unfortunately there are some bad agents out there that spoil it for the rest of us in the real estate business. I'm sure most good agents will commend your product as it gives the homeowner more protection from
incompetent or unscuplulous agents."

Roland Curtis, Real Estate Agent, Newport, Maine, USA.

More of What Others Are Saying

"For anyone selling their property, the For Sale By Owner ebook is invaluable.
The commissions that can be saved by using these helpful tips and strategies
is well worth the small amount to purchase it. We are recommending this book
to all our customers and know it will help save them so much money!
Thanks so much for such a wealth of ideas and sharing your knowledge!
Nanette Fraser,

"Your ebook is essential reading for anyone considering selling a home. This is without doubt the most comprehensive guide to educating sellers that I have come across in the last 10 years."
Sal Vannutini
Millionaire Property Investor,

"Selling my own house was easy. I saved $9,000
on agent commissions. It was a quick sale and
I got a higher than expected price. I couldn't
have done it without your ebook"
Greg Andrews, Brisbane,

See testimonials from other happy customers from
around the USA and worldwide.

"How To Sell Without An Agent2
And Avoid Paying $5,971...$8,329...$12,963
Or More
In Real Estate Commissions!"

Why pay outrageous commissions to some real estate agent you hardly even know? Why not keep the BIG FAT commissions yourself and make a larger down-payment on your next house? Why not hang onto your equity that you've worked so hard for... rather than give it away to a real estate agent?

Tips of buying and selling real estate

Like so many other homeowners, you CAN sell your own house for a TOP PRICE and POCKET THE COMMISSION YOURSELF. Pay close attention because this could be the most important letter you'll ever read!

"Selling my own house was easy. I saved $9,000
on agent commissions. It was a quick sale and
I got a higher than expected price. I couldn't
have done it without your ebook"
Greg Andrews, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(See testimonials from other happy customers from
around the USA and worldwide.)

How to sell without an agent
just got a whole lot easier because...

Ex Real Estate Agent Paul Ford reveals the quick and easy secrets to selling your own home for a TOP PRICE...without an agent... saving yourself thousands in commissions.

Paul will show you a way to totally take control of how your home is sold... a way that will put you in the seat of power... and a way that will open your eyes to be able to see what's really going on and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Imagine having the knowledge to stop yourself being taken advantage of. Imagine also, being ahead of the competition by selling your home faster than other home sellers... getting the best home selling price...having more fun... and saving yourself thousands of dollars in real estate commissions!

The truth is...

You Can… It's Simple… Anyone Can Do It!
The only thing stopping you is… KNOWLEDGE!

You could attend a real estate agents training course. This might cost you about $350 plus lots of time studying and days attending classes. You will learn a whole lot of stuff out of text-books and legal publications.

But unfortunately, you will learn only a small part of what you really need to know. And, you will have to ask yourself if what you will learn is totally independent, or biased towards the buyer or agent.

Ex Real Estate Agent Paul Ford will tell you what goes on inside the real estate system. You'll learn the secrets to selling your home quickly, easily, for a top price... and save thousands in commissions.

In Only 2½ Minutes You Can
Quickly And Easily Have These
Powerful Home Selling Secrets

As an agent, Paul Ford developed a good relationship with home sellers who shared with him their frustrations… their fears… their pain and their worries over selling a home. He felt deeply concerned for these people, because he could see how the real estate system worked and how it was affecting them. Paul believed that many of these home sellers had little chance of winning.

So, he resigned and put his efforts into leveling the playing field… to developing this package.

He then called upon the expertise and the skills of many people outside the real estate industry, to find a way of turning the tables.

You see, over the years, Paul spent thousands and thousands of dollars attending seminars, buying educational programs, books and tapes which were put out by some of the greatest marketing, business development and personal development minds in the world.

Among these people are names like: Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Michael Gerber, Carl Galletti, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, etc.

Paul also spent time with lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, bankers, property developers, direct mail professionals and . . . some GOOD real estate agents! (Yes! There are lots of them - you just have to know what to look for).

From this vast source of priceless knowledge, Paul has put together something that I believe is… TOTALLY UNIQUE!

Something I've never seen available before...
A collection of ebooks to give homeowners
more power and more opportunities
to succeed when selling a house

They are written in a style that is highly concentrated, extremely focused, straight talking, easy to understand, to the point and very easy-to-read!

You see, what you will learn is so powerful, that it will completely change the way you look at buying or selling a house … forever!

These ebooks are packed full of powerful, cutting edge information that is… out of the square thinking... yet full of the most simple and effective home selling ideas and strategies you have ever heard of!

Here's what you'll get in the first easy-to-read ebook:

"Home Selling Secrets Revealed… How You Can Get Top Price For Your Home, Quickly And Easily… Even In A Tight Market!"

This revealing 108 page ebook contains the secrets to the critical things you must know BEFORE you put your house on the market! Without this knowledge, you might be headed for disaster! You will learn…

House selling prices What pushes the price of houses up
House selling price What causes house prices to drop
Home selling prices What market conditions will force buyers to pay more for your home
House sale by owner A major problem that house sellers must overcome
Selling own home When is the best time to buy and sell a house
Selling home tips Whether it is better to buy your next home first or sell your existing home first?
Tips for selling a house The secrets revealing what home buyers are really looking for
Selling home tips The 3 major factors that determine how fast your home will sell and how much you will get for it.
Home for sale by owner listings The secrets to accurately pricing your home for sale by owner
Tips to selling a home The biggest mistake that most FSBO sellers make when they price a house

And you'll also discover more valuable tips for selling a house…

How long to sell home Why the first 6 weeks of going on the market is so critical
Selling your home How to avoid blowing your best chance of selling your home
Selling home tips 29 point checklist for preparing your home to beat the competition
How long to sell home The biggest trap that most home sellers fall into when selling a home by owner
How to get the best price in the shortest time with the least amount of hassle

This ebook will stop you having "the wool pulled over your eyes" when dealing with a real estate agent! It exposes some of the secrets and tricks that real estate agents may use and how to put the boot on the other foot! And… you will discover how critical it is to hire a GOOD real estate agent and how to find one! You will also learn…

estate agents Why many real estate agents end up with unhappy clients
The rules that real estate agents must obey… or you can have them for breakfast!
How the real estate commissions are divided
Real estate agents Secrets that many real estate agents won't tell you
How real estate agents can raise their profile at your expense!
The different ways to sell a house
estate agents The truth revealed behind these different ways and how they affect you
Real estate agents An inside look at a selling system that is set up to trap buyers (and sellers)
How home sellers can be being emotionally blackmailed

That's Not All. You'll Also Discover…

The best selling system to use that will get you the best price
Real estate agents What is the real reason behind open homes?
The biggest mistake you can make is hiring the wrong real estate agent
Real estate agents The qualities of a GOOD real estate agent
real estate The reasons why most homes are undersold
Real estate agents How to interview real estate agents and the 3 power questions you can ask them that will really sort out the good agents from the bad
An inside look at the different types of listings
How to put agents in the position where, if they don't perform … you can sack them!
How to create a win/win relationship with a good agent
Real estate agents How to negotiate an offer
Real estate agents How to deal with low offers

The reasons why you are unlikely to get
this information from anywhere else!

Well, simply, there are very few people who have this knowledge who are willing to share these secrets with you..

In this easy-to-read ebook, Paul Ford reveals all the secrets to... keep you from being taken advantage of… stop you from being ripped off… put you way ahead of the competition… make selling a home more fun… save you thousands in outrageous commissions … put more money in your pocket… and put you in the seat of power!


How much do you think this powerful information will cost? Well, realize that the "Home Selling Secrets" package was previously available in a spiral-bound printed version for $429 (plus $25 P&H). Not any more! Thanks to the power of the internet, you can have the entire "Home Selling Secrets" package for only $39.97 delivered to your computer almost instantly!

That means you will SAVE a massive $414 off the old price!

So why am I virtually giving this powerful information
away at this incredibly low price?

Well, it's really quite simple.

Since you're accessing these directly from the internet, I have no inventory or fulfilment costs and I don't need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone.

This way, I can pass the cost savings onto you, so we both win.

You see, all it will cost you to totally transform the way you sell your home is just $39.97 if you order by Midnight

You'll get everything I have just described plus you'll also get these

FREE BONUS ebook #1 (valued at $39)

"How To Sell Your Home For Sale By Owner
And… Save Thousands In Commissions!"

If you are fed up with real estate agents and are thinking about selling a house on your own…then this 48 page "Home For Sale By Owner" ebook is definitely for you. Inside you will learn . . .

For sale by Owner 2 major reasons why most FSBO sales are a complete flop!
Tips for selling a house A step-by-step 'fail-safe' guide to selling a house on your own
House sale by owner How to put together a marketing campaign to literally blow a real estate agents socks off!
Real estate advice tips How real estate agents market a property to sell
Selling home tips Why a great deal of real estate advertising doesn't work
Home for sale by owner The 2 advantages that a real estate agent will have over a FSBO seller and how you can get around them
House for sale by owner listings How to make your FSBO adverts stand out from all of the other houses for sale
Home for sale by owner How to make your FSBO adverts so compelling that buyers will want to call you immediately
House sale by owner 11 rules for creating successful "house for sale" adverts
Home for sale by owner How to lay out your Home For Sale By Owner adverts
Sell your own home kit How to get real estate agents to refer buyers to you
Home for sale by owner Examples of successful real estate advertising pieces that you can copy and adapt


Houses for sale listings A true story about a family who tried to sell their home for over 2 years. Then, an advert was written for them by a well-known copywriter. It was so successful that, the day the advert was printed, they had 48 phone calls! The home was sold for the price they wanted by 9am and they had 3 back up offers! An example of this "house for sale by owner" advert is in this ebook!

…. and it gets even better, if you ORDER NOW you will also get these FREE BONUS EBOOKS.

FREE BONUS Ebook #2 (valued at $39)

"173 Powerful Ideas, Tips, Tactics
and Proven-To-Work Strategies
To Sell Your Own Home"

Whether you are selling through an agent or selling your own home... this ebook is a MUST HAVE! Here's a small sample of what you'll get:

Home Buyer How to pre-qualify your buyers.
Price House How to price your house correctly .
For sale by owner 185 For Sale By Owner headline ideas.
Home for sale by owner 50 For Sale By Owner opening line ideas.
Home for sale by owner 57 For Sale By Owner closing line ideas.
House Price How to effectively use stalling tactics to increase your house price.
House Price A "dynamic" negotiating tactic to get buyers to pay your price.
Mortgage How to write a mortgage pay-off request letter + sample
Sell your house How to use a back-up offer to sell your house

Plus another 164 ideas and it gets even better...

FREE BONUS Ebook #3 (valued at $29)

"The Secrets Behind Home Loans And How To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Interest And
Slash Years Off Your Loan!"

This ebook alone will give you ideas that could SAVE YOU A FORTUNE! You will learn:

What the banks are looking for when you apply for a home loan
What criteria you must meet before the bank will lend you money to buy a house
How the bank works out how much you can borrow
The truth revealed on how much it really costs you to borrow money to buy a house
Different ways of structuring your loan so that it is paid off faster and saves you thousands in interest
You will also learn about a system which Mortgage Reduction Consultants will charge you up to $3,500 to set up for you.
This system is so effective, people are becoming mortgage free in a 1/3 of the normal time and are saving a fortune in interest. The best part is… it doesn't involve increasing your payments! You see how a 25 year loan can be paid off in only 8 years 11 months… saving an incredible $91,864 in interest.

The truth is, once you know how this system works, you may save yourself the $3,500 consultant's fee and set it up yourself… FREE!

FREE BONUS Ebook #4 (valued at $19)

"The Secrets To . . .
Buying The Best Home For The Best Price!"

The chances are, if you are selling a house, you will be buying a house too. This ebook will show you:

Simple steps you can take to find the right home for you
A trap that many home buyers fall into
How you can use a GOOD agent and a COMMON agent to your advantage
7 powerful questions you can ask an agent which could save you a fortune!
What you need to check BEFORE you buy a home
How to pick up a bargain house to buy
The 7 laws you need to know when buying at auctions to keep you from getting stung!
How to make an offer without ruining your chances of buying that home

FREE BONUS Ebook #5 (valued at $12)

"Here's How To Make 'Shifting House' A Breeze!"

If you are selling a house, you will be shifting, right? Well, this ebook will show you:

How to organize your shift with simple, need-to-know tips to make it easier!
11 ideas to make your packing easier
A system that is used by professional movers that will keep track of all your boxes and cartons and will make unpacking so much easier!
A checklist to make sure your move goes smoothly and you don't forget anything!

FREE BONUS Ebook #6 (valued at $12)

"How To Run A Profitable Garage Sale!"

Here's a great way to get rid of all your unwanted stuff . . . and end up with cash in your pocket! You will learn:

How to organize and run an effective garage sale from your home
How to advertise your garage sale
What sort of items sell well at garage sales
How to price your goods so that they sell
What to do if things aren't selling
What to do with items that don't sell

In fact, I am so absolutely positive you'll get more than your money's worth many times over - I'm willing to give you one of the most daring guarantees you'll ever see in print.

Here's The Best Guarantee You'll Ever See!

Guarantee: This package comes with a no-questions, no quibble, 90 Day money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information won't help you to sell your home we'll buy it back from you for every cent you paid. What could be fairer than that?

That's 3 FULL MONTHS to put us to the test - all the risk is on us!

Now, the only way you can lose is
by missing out on this deal.

My Internet friends think that I am certifiably crazy to offer such a generous deal and incredible guarantee. I can't promise I won't be raising the price soon.

Really, there's nothing more to say. I've done everything possible to getting you the complete "Home Selling Secrets Revealed" pack. All that's left to do now is take action.

All the very best,

Noel Peebles

P.S. Click here if you've decided not to order.

P.P.S. If you are serious about… not being taken advantage of… not being ripped off… being way ahead of the competition… having more fun selling your home… saving thousands of dollars in real estate commissions… putting more money in your pocket… being in the seat of power… getting the 6 FREE BONUSES…

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